Q&A with CHV Director

What is the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value all about?
R. Adams Dudley
UCSF is a powerhouse of innovation but focusing on the costs of healthcare has been out of bounds. This is partly due to a lack of funding for research and demonstration projects in this area but is also due to deep ambivalence about whether attention to costs draws us away from a primary focus on doing the best thing for patients. A lack of attention to costs, however, is now a major barrier to providing great healthcare. The CHV is trying to bring together the right people to enable faculty and staff to innovate in reducing costs of healthcare while improving quality or at least leaving it unchanged.

Why is the CHV a good fit for UCSF?

UCSF is already a leader in national discussions about the value of healthcare. The CHV should help to enable that effort and also bring new innovators to the table. It is meant to consolidate our leadership in increasing the value of healthcare.

How is this different from other efforts focused on improving healthcare value?

There aren’t very many academic medical centers that have taken on costs of healthcare as  a major focus. That’s what we’re doing here. The broad charge is also unusual. We’re supporting efforts in education, research, culture change, policy, and implementation into clinical care. 

What is your vision for the CHV?

I see the CHV addressing the most critical issue for healthcare in our time: with a history of focusing only on improving the breadth and efficacy of treatments, we now have a bloated and unsustainable system that is not optimize to improve public health given the reality of limited resources. I see the CHV growing to address this critical gap, identifying new resources and empowering faculty to innovate. I suspect it will grow with its successes and spur along a broader ecosystem for supporting this critical work.