Research & Policy

The CHV Research and Policy Initiative works with all stakeholders at the state and national levels to create a health care system that fosters high-value care.

Its aims include 1) lowering the cost of measuring value, 2) ensuring transparency related to value and cost, and 3) stimulating market developments, accreditation standards, and government payment or reporting rules that reward value.

The program includes collaborations with hospitals and other providers to design novel approaches that utilize electronic health records and other technology-based resources to measure value. Additionally, this team works with employers, labor unions, and other purchasers to establish payment policies that support organizations that try to improve, and with consumer, patient and other groups to achieve transparency related to price, quality, and other aspects of value.

Recognizing the significant role that the government plays in U.S. health care as both a purchaser and a regulator, this team supports interactions with governmental and quasi-governmental organizations to increase the likelihood of adoption of policies that support value.