The Center for Healthcare Value (CHV)

Infographic showing that the United States has the highest health care costs compared to Switzerland, European Union, Sweden, and the United Kingdom on a per capita basis

 About CHV: 

The Center for Healthcare Value (CHV) is an initiative of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the leading university exclusively focused on health. 

The CHV is focused on advancing rational, science-driven and clinician-tested healthcare solutions that reduce cost and improve quality. Its work includes three initiatives:  

    • Delivery Systems: ensures that care is delivered in an efficient and value-focused way. For this to be sustainable, the overall health care system must reward value-focused care.
    • Research & Policy: supports multi-center and multi-stakeholder projects that highlight and incentivize high-value care to demonstrate that value can be improved across the system. 
    • Training: trains the next generation of health care leaders to understand the importance of value, and how to create it.

From the Director

As a powerhouse of innovation, UCSF is ideally positioned to address healthcare value. With a lack of attention to costs now a major barrier to providing great healthcare, the CHV is bringing together the right people and partners to enable innovations that reduce the cost of healthcare while improving quality.

-R. Adams Dudley, MD, MBA