Training Initiative
"We're putting an emphasis not only on the critical importance of teaching healthcare value but also on bringing leaders in this area together to share ideas and align efforts."
- George Sawaya, MD, CHV Director and Training Initiative Leader


The CHV Training Initiative defines, champions and integrates high-quality education in healthcare value throughout training programs for educators, clinicians, researchers and healthcare leaders.

Specifically, the initiative seeks to foster an understanding of the role of cost-consciousness in healthcare decision-making and to promote value-based healthcare as a fundamental aspect of education by:

  • developing a cadre of educators with focused expertise in teaching the principles and practice of healthcare value;
  • preparing clinicians to recognize and appropriately implement high-value, cost-conscious decisions in their everyday practice and within the healthcare systems in which they work; 
  • encouraging research in healthcare value, including work that defines cost-conscious clinical recommendations and policies on the local, national and international levels; and
  • training healthcare leaders to promote high-value, cost-conscious care at all levels, from the greater system to individual clinician/patient interactions. 

The initial focus of the training initiative includes developing competencies and curricula focused on cost and systems change. The CHV leverages the existing infrastructure and administration of UCSF's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and Program in Implementation Science, part of the Master of Clinical Research. The CHV incorporates the existing UC Berkeley/UCSF Master of Translational Medicine program that has an explicit mandate to focus on cost-saving innovations.