For those interested in learning more about value work and/or have an idea and want to learn about paths available at UCSF

- For those interested in changing care on the ground now (QI/QA): Go to the UCSF Learning Center page and login using your MyAccess credentials.  Once you are in, search for CPI (Continuous Process Improvement).  The search will return a series of videos you can watch to learn about CPI.

- For those interested in research: visit our CHV Data Sets page, which describes large data sets external and internal to UCSF that are available for research.

- For those who aren't sure whether they are doing or want to do QI vs. research: UCSF Institutional Review Board's "Is this QI or research?" page.

- For cost: visit our CHV Calculating Cost at UCSF page

- For those interested in implementing care design: Value improvement project development template, an Excel spreadsheet that shows what health systems leaders think about and how to pitch a project to them.

- For those who want to get to UCSF clinical data:  Finding Patient Data for Research, a PowerPoint presentation by Dana Ludwig which tells you how to use the UCSF Research Data Browser.

For those already implementing value work and interested in sustaining or potentially getting an academic product

- For those interested in sustainability of their QI project: Institute for Healthcare Improvement: 6 Essential Practices for Sustainable Improvement by Richard Scoville, Oct. 26, 2017 and Scoville R, Little K, Rakover J, Luther K, Mate K. Sustaining Improvement. IHI White Paper. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2016. (Available at

-  For those interested in potentially getting an academic product from your QI project: Turning QI into Scholarly Output, a PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Grace Lin

- For expert advice at UCSF on study design, implementation, data managment, extraction, and analysis: UCSF Clinical & Translationial Science Institute (CTSI) Consultation Services