Doctors Prescribe More Generics When Drug Reps Are Kept At Bay

By Charles Ornstein on May 02, 2017
When teaching hospitals put pharmaceutical sales representatives on a shorter leash, their doctors tended to order fewer promoted brand-name drugs and used more generic versions instead, a study published Tuesday in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association, shows.

Trump dominates the 101st day with tweets, tough talk about health care

By Jayne O'Donnell on April 30, 2017
President Trump shifted the blame for inaction on key issues including health care to Democrats in a lengthy and wide-ranging CBS interview that aired Sunday.

Obamacare signups down 500,000 from last year, but premiums up just $1

By Jayne O'Donnell on March 15, 2017
The number of people enrolling in Obamacare plans for this year dropped slightly from the year before, while premium increases for those receiving tax credits were far smaller on average than many expected, according to federal data released Wednesday.

Patients Demand The 'Right To Try' Experimental Drugs, But Costs Can Be Steep

By Carrie Feibel on March 03, 2017
  ALS patients and their families rallied for expanded access to experimental drugs in Washington, D.C. on May 11, 2015. Courtesy of Lina Clark In the last three years, 33 U.S. states have passed laws aimed at helping dying people get easier access to experimental treatments that are still in...

Former fire captain's fight for his 'Right to Try' and the debate over Compassionate Use

By Lilia Luciano on March 01, 2017
In 10 years of working as a reporter, I had never experienced what I did when I met Mike DeBartoli and his wife, Gina. Within 20 minutes of leaving their home and talking about California’s controversial “Right to Try” law, I broke down and cried inconsolably. I find myself thinking about them...